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One of the first people to look afresh at Edward Rushton’s life was the late Bill Hunter. Bill wrote Forgotten Hero in 2002, and you can listen to a recording of it here, in instalments.

The following chapters will be released on a weekly basis….

Track 1. Introduction: and ‘The Young Seaman – Blinded Helping Slaves.’
Track 2. The Intrepid Spirit
Track 3. Rushton’s Times: A City Built on the Slave Trade
Track 4. Money from Blood
Track 5. The Unwavering Abolitionist
Track 6. The Sons of Misery
Track 7. The Apologists, the Opportunists and the Fighters
Track 8. Rushton and the Slave Revolution in Haiti
Track 9. American Independence, Washington and Slavery
Track 10. Rushton’s Times: The Sailor’s Life
Track 11. The Liverpool Seamens’ Revolt of 1775
Track 12. The Pressgangs
Track 13. Rushton’s Times: Conditions in the Navy
Track 14. Rushton’s Times: The Naval Mutiny
Track 15. Rushton and the French Revolution
Track 15b. For the Revolution but Against Napoleon
Track 16. Irish Freedom and Mary-le-More
Track 17. Rushton’s Times: The Revolutionary Changes
Track 18. The Fire of English Liberty
Track 19. Democracy and Parliamentary Reform
Track 20. The Impetuous Temperament
Track 21. Appendix I – In memory “Our Rushton’s” eternal spirit
Track 22. Appendix II – Rushton’s Letter to Washington

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