Poetry and Writing

Rushton’s Letter to Washington

Read by John Graham Davies. Rushton supported American Independence, but abhorred the hypocrisy that it meant ‘white’ freedom only.

To the Memory of Bartholomew Tilski

A poem celebrating the life of a Polish radical.

Four eclogues

Rushton’s blazing poetic celebration of African anger and resistance, with a short introduction by John Davies.

Jemmy Armstrong

Jemmy Armstrong: A ballad celebrating the life and death of an Irish republican, who refused to name names, despite torture at the hands of the English.

Lines written immediately after the Birmingham Riots

A poem celebrating the French Revolution.

Mary le More

A poem deploring the use of rape by English soldiers in Ireland.

Ode, to France

A poem deploring the French revolution’s turn to Bonaparte, and despotism.

The Coromantees

A poem celebrating the revolt of shackled slaves aboard ship, and their subsequent betrayal.

Toussaint to his Troops

In the voice of the famous Haitian slave leader, this poem celebrates black resistance.

Verses occasioned by reading Southey’s Carmen Triumphale

Rushton takes the Poet Laureate Robery Southey to task for claiming that the war against France is ordained by God.

Will Clewline

A poem about the violence of the press gang.

Written for the General Fast in England, April 1794

Rushton deplores the Pitt administration’s attacks on the French Revolution.

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